Free & Low-Cost Programs through Center for Leadership Development

Great opportunities for you and your youth are coming up at The Center for Leadership Development. If you have a youth interested in career exploration, developing leadership skills or getting ready for college, we encourage you to follow the links below for more information on each program.

Upcoming programs and events include:

Register for college fair by August 7

The Center for Leadership Development is hosting a College Prep Fair on Saturday, August 22. The event is open to students in 8th-12th grades. Typically a cost of $15 per student, Adult and Child Center will cover the cost of foster youth currently receiving services through us.

Register your student on or before August 7 by emailing

College Prep Fair at Center for Leadership Development is August 22

College Prep Fair at Center for Leadership Development is August 22

Hoosier Care Connect to replace Care Select for foster kids

We have been notified that a new Medicaid program will be rolled out to replace Care Select. The new program is called “Hoosier Care Connect,” and is being rolled out for eligible foster children by DCS’s Medicaid Enrollment Unit.

Foster parents will receive a letter outlining these changes (also available here). Some key details are provided below. As always, contact us with any questions you may have.

Highlights of the change

  • Hoosier Care Connect is a new Medicaid program for DCS youth that will replace Care Select
  • As of July 1, 2015, the Care Select program will be going away
  • DCS’s Medicaid Enrollment Unit is responsible for enrolling eligible children on Hoosier Care Connect
  • Initially, only children and youth currently on Care Select that are eligible will be enrolled in Hoosier Care Connect.  DCS is still identifying the best approach for identifying children in out-of-home care that are appropriate for opting in to Hoosier Care Connect.  The immediate focus is on children currently enrolled in Care Select, focusing on those children with multiple needs or special conditions such as asthma or heart problems.

The role of foster parents

  • If the child is enrolled in Hoosier Care Connect, the foster parents will be responsible for assisting in completion of an initial health assessment upon entry into the Hoosier Care Connect program.  This is a questionnaire that may require coordination with the child’s FCM to complete.
  • The Managed Care Entity may also contact foster parents regarding selecting a primary medical provider.