Meet the Team


Heather Angebrandt

Heather is the Assistant Director of the Child Welfare service line. She has been with A&C for about 2½ years and has a long history working with families. Her previous experience includes working for the Department of Child Services for 11 years, working with Healthy Families, and providing home based therapy and case management. Heather’s passion for working with families has been focused in the Child Welfare realm for over 20 years. When she is not working, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, children, extended family and friends. She enjoys planning family vacations and capturing these memories through photos and scrapbooks.

Lynn Farmer

Lynn does Community Outreach and Development for the foster care program. He has been with A&C for three years, with 20-plus years in child welfare. You will see Lynn at trainings and other events as he does the coordination for the program. Lynn is originally from east Tennessee and a lifelong Tennessee Volunteer, serving as the head of the local alumni association for five years. On any given Saturday in the fall you can find Lynn watching a Tennessee football game.

Amanda Orr

Amanda serves as the TFC Licensing Team Leader. A 10-year veteran with the program (started in 2010), she has always had a desire to help those in need. “I believe I am given the opportunity to do this daily by working in the foster care field,” Orr says. “I am committed to supporting children and foster families and I strive to promote growth and overall well-being in their lives daily She is a self-described “West Coast girl living in an Indiana world. Living here since 2010, you could now say I'm an honorary Hoosier! I have an amazing tight knit family who I value very much. I love to travel and have been to several different countries including Australia. I have many more places to visit on my bucket list! One day, I'll hit them all.”

Susan Kurrus

Susan, a Licensing Specialist, joined Adult and Child in March 2020. Susan graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2014 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Prior to coming to Adult and Child, she worked as a family case manager for the Department of Child Services and has also worked in behavioral health and with children with autism spectrum disorder. Susan’s interest in child welfare and foster care was sparked around age 10 when her family became a licensed foster family. Susan’s family continued to foster for almost 15 years and eventually adopted her youngest brother through the child welfare system. Susan is passionate about ensuring that children grow up in safe, healthy home environments and is excited to support foster parents in this role. Outside of work, Susan enjoys spending time with her family and friends, baking and listening to podcasts.

Kathy Rinks

Kathy, a Licensing Assistant, was the TFC Office Coordinator for 13 years and has been with the agency since 2005. “I do this because I love the children and the foster parents,” she says. “I feel like I have a whole bunch of grandchildren and I admire the foster parents for what they do every day of their lives. I think the people I work with are amazing, and I am sure you feel that way too since they take care of your kids in your home.” Rinks has been married for 43 years and has two sons, a daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and a dog named Cooper. She is passionate about spending time with her group of friends.

Jenn Harding

Jenn Harding

Jenn, Placement Coordinator for Licensing has been working at Adult & Child for 5.5 years. Previously, Jenn worked as the Access Coordinator for the Wraparound Team. In the past, she served as a foster parent for 5 years and adopted her daughter through foster care. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, knitting, and going to outdoor concerts. She lives with her wife, daughter, dog Cider, and cats Tater Tot and Luna Bloom.

Asha Alvarado

Asha Alvarado

Asha, a Licensing Specialist, joined Adult and Child in September 2020. Asha is fluent in Spanish and graduated from Marian University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her previous experience includes working for the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) for six years, in the foster care program and a case manager. Asha’s interest in foster care comes from seeing firsthand how much of a positive impact community support can have on a child. Asha decided to join the LCPA side of foster care to increase her knowledge of Indiana’s foster care program and gain knowledge about therapeutic services. Asha’s personal interests include baking and decorating cakes, health and fitness, traveling, and streaming the latest tv series. She loves spending time with her family, especially her fur-baby, Cass.