“In-Classroom” Training Available at Home

Adult and Child Center is offering field training for foster parents – a customized approach to training that is offered at your home. Field training is an opportunity for you to address the immediate behavioral health needs of the foster children in your care, provide support to you as a foster parent in working with the children on the needed skills, and also give you credit towards your annual training requirements (up to 4 hours each year, per child in your care; maximum of 8 hours per year total training). The goal of this personalized approach is to meet the present needs of the children in your care – with an added benefit of receiving training credit.

Details about field training are included here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is field training? Field training is a customized approach to educating foster parents. When a foster care staff member works with a foster child on a specific skill, or behavior management technique, that foster care staff member will then follow up with the foster parents so the guidance can be continued in the staff member’s absence.

How much training credit will I get? Foster parents will receive credit for training, based on the amount of time the foster care staff member spent educating them on the skill building/behavior management technique, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes. (See the “Field Training Parameters” for more detail)

What do I need to do to get credit? First, spend time with the foster care staff understanding the skill building/behavior management technique. Then, use what you learned to address that behavior with the foster child. Finally, complete the “Foster Parent Field Training Credit” form (available as a Word file or PDF) and return it to: Adult and Child Center/ Attn: TFC Licensing/ 603 E Washington St., Suite 700/ Indianapolis, IN 46204.

I’ve read the Field Training Credit information and still have questions! No problem – contact our licensing staff at 893-0207.