Lisa, foster parent


Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams always wanted to adopt a child. In addition to raising her biological daughter, Lisa always found herself helping with the children of family members. After raising her daughter, Lisa still felt a drive to love and nurture a special child. Her cousin, a case manager for a foster agency, suggested she consider becoming a foster parent.

In 2004, that suggestion became a reality. Lisa became a licensed foster parent. Helping children is a true passion for Lisa and this is evident in the selfless manner that she has nurtured so many foster children. She has been a fierce advocate for the children in her care.

Lisa loves being a part of Adult and Child’s foster care program. “Many of the children that I foster are in need of (behavioral health) services” she says “At Adult and Child I don’t have to wait to get the services that my children need” Lisa has given a home to over 35 children in the past 12 years. Although retired, she has gone back to school to study human services to better understand the children who come into her home. Lisa has earned an Associate’s degree in Human Services and is currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work; she would like to work as a home based therapist in the future.

“Lisa is open and caring towards children and does her best to provide for all the children in her home.” – Dawn Stovall, A&C Therapist

In 2013 Lisa adopted the two girls (sisters) who were placed with her in 2010. She and the girls are excited about their life as a family. Lisa enjoys traveling with her adopted daughters and introducing them to new places. She has plans to take them on a cross country trip to California, a trip that she once made with her biological daughter.
Lisa admits that there are always challenges when fostering children however the best part is helping children and giving them a much needed structured home life. Lisa intends to continue providing a safe and nurturing home to children in need for years to come.

“I just love children”