Welcoming a Child to Your Home

Jill Rippy, foster mom and blogger, has written a very thorough overview of what foster parents can expect when they welcome a child to their home.

She opens with, "Let’s just be frank. Fostering children WILL be an intrusion on your life. The good comes with the bad. I still feel that with all that you are about to read, fostering is the biggest blessing in my life next to having children of my own. You need to know what to expect when you welcome foster children into your home."

And in this post, "The First 30 Days", Jill helps to set those expectations. This post outlines a foster parent's responsibilities related to medical appointments, enrolling in school, clothing for the child(ren), therapy, case worker visits, behavior and teaching, and finally - memories.

After that long to-do list, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But Jill provides reassurance: "Again, fostering can be very intrusive. It’s a huge life change, but there are huge blessings that come along with it. You’ve got this."

About Jill Rippy: "Being a foster mom is one of the biggest blessings of my life. Bio mom of two and foster mom to many, I count myself lucky to be on this foster journey. My mission is to change the lives of children who enter the foster care system and to recruit quality foster parents to join in this life changing work. I consider it a blessing to be a mother, foster mother, teacher, author and inspirer." Follow her blog on The Foster Life.


Record of Medical Treatment (foster child): download

Record of Medical Treatment/ Healthwatch EPSDT guide: download

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